7 Qualities To Look For In Hiring The Right Commercial Roofing Contractors

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If you have a commercial roofing project that needs to be completed, it’s important that you evaluate a roofing contractor thoroughly before hiring them for the job. Not all contractors are the same and some may prove to be unreliable, unqualified, and difficult to deal with.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Below we’ll tell you about the 7 qualities you should always look for when hiring commercial roofing contractors.

1. License and Insurance

The first quality that you need to check for in a commercial roofing contractor is whether they are properly licensed and insured for the job.

Any roofing contractor you hire should have adequate insurance for doing the job. They’ll usually have general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance but may have other types of insurance as well. Be sure that you know what type of insurance they have before you hire them.

Depending on your state and location, a license may also be required by any contractors that you hire. While the state of Indiana doesn’t require a license, some individual cities do. Indianapolis requires roofers to be licensed, while Fort Wayne does not.

Be sure that you know what’s necessary for your location and ensure that the contractor you work with has what is legally required.

2. Proven History and Experience

When looking for a contractor, you should also ensure that they have a proven and lengthy work history. Ideally, look for a contractor that has been doing business in your community for a while.

Additionally, you should also check whether the roofer has any specialties. Consider your specific roof type and then ask what experience they have with your type of commercial roof. They may have special skills and training that they’ll mention or they may not have any experience at all with your commercial roof type.

Make sure that you find out everything that you can about a contractor and ensure that they have plenty of experience and adequate qualifications for the job. By doing your research and finding out about the history and experience of a contractor, you’ll be more likely to find someone who will do the job right.

3. References

When looking for a roofing contractor you should also make sure that they’re willing to provide references from satisfied customers. If a contractor refuses to give your references or has none to speak of, chances are that you won’t want to get involved with them.

A professional roofing contractor should be able to give you some examples of past work and give you the contact details of some past customers who they have worked for in the past. Be sure to check their references and ask them a few important questions to find it if they were satisfied or not.

In addition to the provided references, you may also be able to find some reviews or testimonials online that can help you with your decision.

4. Association Memberships

Another sign of a qualified roofing contractor is whether they belong to any roofing associations or not. Many locally, regionally, and nationally based roofing associations exist and will have high standards for roofers who are members.

Because of this, checking if a roofer belongs to an association can help you to determine how professional they are and if they have high standards. A roofer with an association membership may be more likely to be reliable and will often have proven experience and qualifications.

Additionally, other professional memberships may also be a sign of a reliable roofing contractor. For example, a Better Business Bureau membership is also a  good sign that the roofer is the real deal.

5. The Right Price

You should also take a roofing contractors price into consideration when choosing who to hire. While it may seem exciting to find a contractor who is willing to work for dirt cheap they probably won’t have the highest standards. If you hire them, they may let you down in the end or run out on the job. 

Remember that when hiring contractors you often get what you pay for. You don’t necessarily have to find the most expensive option out there, but looking for a good mix of professionalism and value is ideal.

By looking for high standards and by being willing to pay a bit more, you’ll likely end up much more satisfied than if you had simply chosen the cheapest option.

6. Written Proposals

You should also ask if the roofer will be willing to give you a written proposal before starting on the job. Contractors should be able to outline an accurate estimate of what the costs will be and will hold to it as the job goes on. They should also outline exactly what will be done, how long the project is estimated to take, and what guarantees there will be.

Some unreliable contractors will give you their word on a price and then deviate from it as time goes on and more and more unexpected costs pile on. Eventually, the job may end up being much more expensive than you initially expected.

Make sure you get a written proposal and ensure that they’re willing to stand by it. While there may be some changes during the job, it should never stray too far from the original proposal.

7. Verified Permits

Another important quality you should look for in a roofing contractor is whether they’re able to get the right building permits for the job. The roofer will typically go through the process of getting the relevant permits for your project once they take on the job.

Be sure to discuss the building permit requirements with your contractor before getting started. They should go to get these for you before they start work or you could get into trouble later on.

Having the right permits is important so it’s best not to overlook this step if you want to ensure that your project goes smoothly in the end.

Choosing the Best Roofing Contractors For the Job

If you want to make sure that your commercial roofing job is done right, you need to use these tips to choose an amazing contractor. By using these tips, you’ll be able to choose the best roofing contractors for the job and will ensure that all of your expectations are likely to be met.

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