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Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing is a full-service commercial roof replacement contractor. Specializing in industrial metal roofs and roofing membranes, we equip our teams to tackle projects of all sizes. 

Get in touch with us, and we will send out one of our roofing contractors to evaluate your existing roof for free. Our roofing contractors will examine the roof’s condition and determine if you should repair or replace it. 

Commercial Roof Repair Fort Wayne, Indiana

If the roof is in reasonably good condition, there may be a chance to repair it. Our Commercial Roof Repair estimator will see whether repairs are the most cost-effective option for you. 

Commercial Flat Roof Repair Indiana

We provide commercial roof replacement and roof repairs in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart, Columbia City, Goshen, Warsaw, and the surrounding communities. 

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    Commercial Roof Replacement Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Replacing the roof of a building can mean a large capital outlay. In addition, the business must close its operations while we remove the old roof and install the new one. Business owners should, however, consider the long-term cost of not replacing a badly damaged roof. 

    If water seeps into the walls of the building, it may cause detrimental structural damage. The moist conditions may be ideal for mold and mildew growth, putting employees at risk. Dealing with roofing issues before they progress to this stage makes good financial sense. 

    You may rely on the team at Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing to provide you with the best possible advice. We don’t recommend replacing a roof lightly because we understand the impact on your business. 

    Our finely refined process ensures minimal disruption to your firm’s operation when there’s no other option. We assign a skilled project manager to each team to oversee everything from ordering initial supplies to finishing the work. 

    Your project manager plans the process carefully, minimizing the time we spend at your building. Our team comes in, removes the old roofing materials, and begins with the new installation. Our team is efficient, friendly, and highly professional.

    Why Choose Us?

    Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing is one of Fort Wayne’s leading roofing companies. For over four decades, we have served our business community. We focus on providing quality solutions on which your business can rely.

    All our roofing contractors are properly licensed and certified as part of our service commitment to you. Each person on our commercial roof replacement team dedicates themselves to delivering the best possible customer experience. That means providing the right advice, a fair price, and outstanding service.

    Finally, we have worked hard to find suppliers with the same values as us. We work with companies that commit to producing high-quality results and outstanding service. We also negotiate the best bulk buying deals with them and pass the savings on to you.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are several factors to weigh up here, so it is best to evaluate the roof. Depending on its age and condition, it may be more cost-effective to replace it. Our commercial roof replacement  team members will, however, discuss your options with you. 

    We will usually only recommend replacement after severe damage or if the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. An exception to this rule sees a chance to do things better and save you money over the long term. 

    You may see signs of water damage, leaks, or stains on the wall and ceilings. If the paint on an interior wall starts to bubble, it could indicate water damage. 

    A higher-than-normal energy bill could indicate that the insulation needs work or that there are holes. 

    Sometimes there are few outward signs of damage. In such cases, look out for a musty smell that indicates moisture in the walls. 

    The only way to be entirely sure there is no damage is through a professional inspection. It is for this reason that we provide a free evaluation. 

    The answer depends on the materials we use. Metal roofing is a little more expensive but will last between 30 and 45 years. The Astec Re-Ply system will last for at least 10 to 15 years.  

    If you have any more questions about commercial roof replacement, call Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing today at (260) 414-1245. Our team will be glad to assist you and send someone out to discuss your project in greater detail.

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