Commercial Warehouse Roofing Repair in Kendalville, IN

Creative Liquid Coatings

2620 Marion Dr. Kendalville, IN 46755

18,00 square feet
Type of roof: Standing-seam metal

Issues with roof:
Some rust at & under horizontal joints. Loose, missing & leaking fasteners. Sealer at ridgecap is bad or missing. Water standing behind vent pipes, flashing around I-beams leaking, stacks, vents & pipes leaking, metal rusted around fasteners.

Power wash entire roof, coat with rust inhibitor, removed and/or cleaned existing roof patches & sealed with Astec. Sealed all joints, pipes, vents, flashings & ridgecap, tightened & sealed all fasteners with two coats of Astec 2000 for completed waterproof & water tight.

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