Everything You Should Know and Expect When Replacing a Roof with a Duro-Last Roof

replacing a roof

The roof is a critical part of your commercial property. Sitting directly on top of your business equipment, not to mention, your employees, any breach in your roofing materials can have disastrous results.

If you’re considering replacing a roof on your commercial property, don’t go into the process blind. We’ve put together a guide showing you what to expect when you replace your current roofing system with Duro-Last roofing materials.

Take a minute and read this post before your project gets started.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Wondering if it’s time to repair or replace the roof over your business? A commercial roofing contractor can address your questions after performing an inspection to assess the existing roof system.

A standard commercial roof inspection should include an assessment of any existing damage. It should also include a conversation with you about the age of the roof, your building’s use, and any concerns posed by the climate in your area.

The contract will keep an eye out for the following:

  • Interior and Exterior Damage
  • Deck and Structure Concerns
  • Leaks
  • Roof Membrane Issues

Issues with the roof membrane could include, movement, damage, or uplift.

After completing the inspection, your contractor should discuss any existing warranty for the current roof. Then, you can discuss options for your new roofing materials.

Since the focus of this post is the Duro-Last system, we’ll highlight things business owners should know about when preparing for a Duro-Last roof installation.

What Is a Duro Last Roofing System?

If you’ve decided to go with a Duro-Last roof, you have time on your side. The company started installing Duro-Last membranes back in 1978. It’s a proven contender as one of the best roofing materials for commercial installations.

One unique feature of this company is its custom fabrication process. They’re the only company to offer prefabrication of your entire roofing system at their manufacturing facility. Talk about prime quality control!

The company uses single-ply PVC, which is a thermoplastic membrane popular for industrial use on flat and low-sloped roofs. Commercial roofing contractors prefer using Duro-Last because of its durability, resistance to weather, and its low maintenance factor. 

I’ll Take a Patch Job

We understand facing a complete roof replacement can feel a little daunting. It’s a significant investment and there’s always the worry about interruptions to business operations.

Sometimes you can repair damage on a commercial roof when it’s limited to a specific area especially if the majority of the roof is still in good shape.

When your contractor makes their assessment, if damages cover 25% or more of the roof, they’ll likely recommend a replacement. Also, if they find wet or under-performing insulation or areas where previous repairs aren’t holding up, they’ll advise a full replacement.

Continue reading to understand why you want a durable new roof rather than a patch job.

The Durability Factor of a Duro-Last Roof

We’ve already mentioned durability but let’s dive deeper into that discussion.

Like any roof, a commercial roof bears the brunt of the elements. You have UV radiation and temperature extremes, especially in the Midwest. The difference between a commercial and residential roof is the exposure to chemicals, grease, bacteria, and puncture risk.

Because of its superior durability, Duro-Last roofing systems can handle all of the above, and then some. The company designs its system to meet (or exceed) national wind and fire code requirements.

Prepare to Save Money

If you’re like most business owners or commercial property managers, you like saving money. As a whole, small businesses in the U.S. spend over 60 billion dollars a year on energy.

There’s good news for the business who installs a Duro-Last roofing system. The white roof membranes have an Energy Star rating with retained reflectivity at 86%. This is the highest reflectivity rating of any single-ply roofing membrane available.

How does saving up to 35% on your energy expenses for cooling sound?

You Get a Customized Roofing System

The beauty of a Duro-Last roofing system lies in its manufacturing process. Since it’s pre-fabricated, you get a roof system customized to the specs of your unique roof.

Before installation, your Duro-Last certified roofing contractor comes out, assesses your roof, and provides the specifications to the manufacturer. Accessories are then fabricated at the factory. The company also welds 85% of the membrane seams in their controlled factory environment.

You get a custom-fitted roof, made with leak protection and long-term performance in mind.

Preparing for Installation

If you’ve ever witnessed a commercial roof tear-off, you know it’s a messy and often disruptive process. It can take as long as 2 weeks and poses potential safety hazards for your staff and customers.

With this roofing system, your business operations can go on as normal. You’ll hardly know we’re working because we don’t use loud machines. You won’t smell the noxious odors caused by hot tar roofing applications.

If we’re able to install your new system over the existing roof, we can also eliminate dust and falling debris from the tear-off.

We Love Warranties

Like you, we look for the best warranty when researching any property improvement project. Duro-Last doesn’t’ disappoint in the category of warranties.

The company offers several options for warranties including:

Standard – 15 years against product defects, installation, and workmanship. 

Ultra – materials and labor

Supreme – consequential damage.

You can feel confident knowing Dura-Last warranties have a reputation as the best in the industry. For more information on warranty specifics, you’ll want to talk with your contractor.

Have More Questions about Replacing a Roof?

Congratulations on not having a bad rap as that business owner who ignores hints dropped by your building (and your staff) letting you know your roof needs attention.

And, congratulations on choosing one of the commercial industry’s leading choices for new roofing systems. When you go with Duro-Last, you get a durable, cost-effective, warrantied system that your contractor installs with the least amount of disruption to your business operation.

If you have further questions about replacing a roof or need to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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