Exterior Walls in Kendallville, IN

Astec Exterior Walls

Colwell, Inc. in Kendallville, Indiana wanted to upgrade the appearance of their facility with new Astec exterior walls.

Reflective Coatings, LLC takes pride in how your building looks. Whether your exterior wall has been damaged by sun fading, trees rubbing against it, or badly applied paint flaking, we have the expertise and warranty to back up your new coating.

Our 10-Year Warranty protects your walls against peeling, fading, cracking, coming off of the wall. No one else has a warranty that long! Anyone can paint your exterior walls, but that doesn’t mean they will last. With our 10-year warranty and 20+ years of experience, you know you’ll be covered when the elements take their toll on your building.

exterior walls before Kendallville, IN
astec exterior walls Kendallville IN after
AFTER Astec Exterior Walls Installation
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