Raise the Roof: Everything You Need to Know About the Commercial Roof Restoration Process

Notre Dame warehouse roof

When is the last time you inspected the roof of your commercial building? If you can’t remember the last time you took a look, you might be surprised at what you find the next time you make your way up there. 

A roof can be a neglected part of your building, but it’s critical to keep it in excellent condition. Whether you work in your warehouse or you rent your space to businesses, a leaky roof can be an expensive problem for a building owner. 

Aside from keeping the weather out of your building, your roof should look nice, too! Restoring a commercial building roof helps improve your property’s value and protect everything inside. Here’s how we go about the roof restoration process.

What is Roof Restoration? 

Restoring a roof helps you avoid a complete (or partial) roof replacement for your commercial building. Flat roofs are the best candidates for restoration. However, a roof with a slight slope or different materials could also benefit from restoration if there’s no need for a full replacement. 

Instead of tearing off the existing roof and bringing in new materials to create a new roof, the restoration process includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Removing debris
  • Sealing
  • Repairing
  • Improving

At the end of the restoration process, your building has a like-new roof that protects the property and assets inside. Restoration extends the life of your current roof, fixes problems, and updates old roofing technology with the latest materials and installation techniques. 

What is the Restoration Process?

If you aren’t aware that you have a problem with your roof, restoration could be the ideal solution to keep your roof in functional condition. It’s often a more affordable way to maintain your roof than a replacement.

Restoring can also take place in less time than a full replacement. If your commercial roofing professional doesn’t recommend a replacement, you’ll benefit from the cost and time savings of a roof restoration.

Assess the Situation

The first step in restoring a roof requires a professional roofing contractor to inspect the roof. We review everything that is part of the building’s roofing system, including alternating layers of:

  • Weatherproofing materials
  • Surfacing
  • Reinforcements

We also check the venting system and make sure that a flat roof drains properly. Damaged or clogged drainage components can cause pooling water on your roof. When water pools, this can seep through the roof’s layers and create a leak. 

When all of the surfaces work together, the roof of a commercial building protects the interior from the elements. A roof in good condition also helps reduce energy bills and manage the building’s internal temperature throughout the year. 

Create a Plan

Depending on the age of your commercial roof, new materials and techniques can add new life into an old roof—without a full replacement. A restoration plan should maintain the integrity of your roof and the style of your building. It should also improve the look and functionality of your roof. 

Your roofing professional will recommend the best way to restore an aging, damaged roof. They’ll measure your roof and estimate the amount of materials needed to complete the restoration.

The plan should offer solutions and options for cleaning, replacing membranes, and the best type of membrane and materials for your specific roof. Make sure you get a budget along with the plan before you commit to the work. 

Restoring your roof—when done professionally and correctly—should also add significant time to the lifetime of your roof. A successful restoration resolves any issues with your aging roof and saves money when compared to a full replacement. 

Clean and Remove Debris

Before your roofing team begins the restoration, they remove debris and clean the roof. Placing new materials and sealants on top of dirt, loose materials, rust, or mold and mildew won’t last. Make sure your contractor presents a roof restoration plan that includes a thorough cleaning process before adding anything new. 

A clean slate also helps your roofing crew locate soft spots that need repair before adding new layers of protective materials. 

Reinforce Seams

If you’re building has a leaking issue from the roof, the restoration should include seam reinforcement. With a clean roof, the crew can fill seams and patch holes with a sealant to eliminate roof leaks. Depending on your roof’s materials, your roofing professional chooses the right sealant materials to create a reliable seal.

Reinforced seams also help eliminate weak spots in your roof. Using sealant to fill gaps adds strength to your roofing system. 

Repair and Seal Gutters

Your roofers make sure the gutter and drainage systems work well to move water off of a flat roof and away from the building’s foundation. Wind and debris can damage these roofing elements and knock them out of place. 

The roofing crew checks every inch of the gutter system and seals the seams to prevent water damage from water leaking into the building’s walls. 

Seal the Roof

After the roof and reinforced seams dry, it’s time to protect it. The crew repairs areas where they removed damaged layers of surfacing or weatherproofing. Depending on these materials, your contractor applies the correct sealant to complete the restoration. 

In some cases, your roof might require two coats of sealant. This helps ensure an even application of sealant throughout the roof and prolongs its effectiveness. 

Your Like-New Roof is Ready

You might be impressed by how quickly an expert roofing crew can restore the roof of your commercial building. The right professionals can prepare your roof, then repair and restore it without the longer (and more expensive) process of a roof replacement. 

Choose the Best Professional for the Roof Restoration Process

Make sure you choose a reputable (and experienced) Fort Wayne roofing company for the restoration process of your commercial roof. Reflective Coatings has been in the commercial construction business for more than 40 years and the application of more than 5 million square feet of roof coatings in the area!

Our restoration process can save time and money while extending the life of your roof. Contact us for a free estimate! 

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