Restoring Your Roof: The Top Benefits of Roof Restoration

As a business and commercial building owner, you have enough headaches to deal with. A roof in disrepair is not what you need.

However, if you let a leaky or otherwise deteriorating roof go too long, it could mean catastrophic problems down the road. Faulty roofs can lead to water damage, mold, rot, and more.

Even if you can’t afford a roof replacement, you definitely can’t afford to ignore the problem.

Instead of a costly roof replacement, consider a roof restoration. A roof restoration can be just effective at fixing your problems without all the hassles and headaches associated with a roof repair.

Keep reading to understand more about commercial roof restoration and the benefits it can provide your business.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

Even if your roof is old, leaking, and possibly decaying, you may not need a whole new roof. Roof restoration may be the best, most economical solution for your building. 

Take a look at what it can do for you.

1. Avoid a Costly Roof Replacement

No matter what, to fix a failing roof is going to cost some money. However, paying for roof restorations will be much less costly than replacing it altogether.

In some scenarios, a roof replacement may be your only option. However, for the sake of your wallet, you should opt for restoration over replacement whenever possible.

For reference, roof replacement could cost up to $26 per square foot. Roof restoration, on the other hand, will only cost up to $9 per square foot.

As a business and commercial building owner, restoring your roof rather than replacing it could save you over half on costs! Roof restorations require much less labor and materials, cutting out excess charges.

2. Roof Restoration Is the Environmentally Friendly Solution

As mentioned above, roof restorations require much fewer materials. The amount of discarded or wasted materials during a roof replacement is astronomical. For example, discarded asphalt shingles alone account for 11 million tons of waste in the U.S. each year.

Roof restoration uses the existing roof as much as possible, rather than ripping off old materials and using new ones, meaning less waste making its way into landfills.

3. Extended Roof Life

During a roof restoration, roof coatings are added to help protect it from the elements. Rain, snow, ice, sleet, and hail are no problem.

If you are proactive and opt for roof restoration before your roof degrades past repair, you could potentially add another 10 to 15 years into its life. A roof replacement, on the other hand, will last 20 years but for double or triple the price.

 This will give you plenty of time to budget and plan for a roof replacement in the distant future.

4. Improved Building Safety

A building with a failing roof could be potentially dangerous.

For example, a small and seemingly insignificant leak in the roof allows moisture to build up over time. Moisture inside a building will quickly lead to mold growth, which, in turn, can lead to serious health complications.

Additionally, moisture in wooden structures will cause rot, which weakens the structural integrity of a building. A structurally compromised building no only puts your business at risk, but also your customers and employees.

5. Improved Resistance from the Elements

Depending on where your commercial building is located, your building may be exposed to some pretty severe weather. A roof that’s already in disrepair will only get worse and worse as time goes on, especially when exposed to bad weather.

A roof restoration will seal up weak areas and help prevent further damage caused by the elements. Additionally, while the workers are up there, they will be able to notice any other repairs that need to be made.

6. Improved Temperature Efficiency

Roof restoration can also help make your building more economically efficient. For example, the protective coatings used during roof restorations are especially reflective.

Your roof’s new reflective surface not only protects it from the sun’s harsh rays but also reflects them away from the building. This, in turn, reduces the amount of heat your building absorbs, giving you a lower energy bill.

7. Roof Restoration is Non-Disruptive and Quick

As a business owner, having an entire roof replaced on your commercial building could significantly interrupt your flow of business. Roof replacements are noisy, invasive, and lengthy. Depending on your type of business, that type of interference may not be a viable option.

Roof restoration, alternatively, is much quieter, less obtrusive, and can be completed during normal working hours. In this way, you don’t have to pay extra for after-hours labor. It’s also a much cleaner job so you won’t need to worry about debris and waste finding its way into places it shouldn’t bee.

Choosing roof restoration over replacement allows you to proceed with business as usual.

8. Incredible Tax Benefits

As a business owner, you’re always looking for tax deductions and credits. Fortunately for you, a roof restoration falls under the “maintenance” category of business expenses, which entitles you to a big tax deduction. It’s also not counted as a depreciating expense.

Additionally, if you choose eco-friendly roofing options, you may be entitled to even more tax credits. However, that depends entirely on your location.

Finally, brand new roofs are depreciated on your taxes over a 39-year period because it’s a “capital” expense. However, as we discussed earlier, new commercial roofs generally only last 20 years. Restoring your roof will help you push its expiration date closer to the 39-year period.

Avoidance of a Substantial Loss

If you think your roof might need a little help, act now!

Aside from saving you time and money, a roof restoration will also help you avoid a big loss in the future. Getting your roof restored sooner rather than later will help you save what’s there, avoiding the requirement a full roof replacement.

Our team has completed over 5 million square feet of roof coatings over the last 18 years of service. If you need a roof restoration, you know you’re in good hands!

Give us a call for a free estimate or take a look at what we offer.

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