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Commercial Roofing Contractors in Fort Wayne, IN

Commercial Roofing Contractors, You Can Rely On Fort Wayne, IN

Reliable commercial roofing contractors In Fort Wayne, IN

We are your trusted, professional commercial roofing contractors in Fort Wayne, IN. Call today and find out why we’re the best. 

The Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing team has laid over 5 million square feet of commercial roof materials over the last 18 years. For more than 22 years before that, we have been the most trusted contractors in the construction industry.

Our service area includes:

Reflective Coating LLC offers commercial roofing services to clients all over Fort Wayne, South Bend, Elkhart, Columbia City, Goshen, Warsaw, and the nearby areas. 

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    Commercial Roofing Installation Company Offer In Fort Wayne, IN

    We inspect, repair, and install:

    We are full-service commercial roofing contractors, providing a range of customized solutions. Call us today and discuss your project. We’ll send an expert commercial roofer to evaluate your building and give you an itemized quote. 

    Commercial Buildings We Work On

    We work with commercial roofing projects of all sizes. We can assist with a roof for a huge warehouse or one for a small apartment block.

    Why Choose a Specialist Commercial Roofer In Fort Wayne, IN?

    The installation and repair of industrial and residential roofing require two very distinct approaches. Commercial roofing companies may adjust their approach to buildings of various sizes. Making the change from residential roof contractor to industrial applications is, however, less straightforward. 

    The Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing team provides customized solutions suited to your needs. As we specialize in industrial roofing, we keep updated  with the latest techniques and products. 

    Our extensive industry contacts make it possible to work with top suppliers and negotiate an outstanding deal for you.

    Speak to one of our team members about: 

    Direct from Factory Prices

    We lower our overheads by ordering supplies direct from the factory and passing the savings to you. We rely on fair pricing and outstanding work to land us more clients, not pushy sales techniques. 

    We encourage you to call around for quotes. There is no company in the Fort Wayne, IN area that delivers better value for money.

    Top Quality Commercial Roofing Systems In Fort Wayne, IN

    We provide commercial roofing systems and exterior wall coating. 


    Sometimes your roof is no longer salvageable. In such cases, Dura-Last metal roofing sheets are one of the most cost-effective, quick ways to cover large buildings. Roof installation or replacement with these materials minimizes your business’s downtime without compromising quality.

    Duro-Last is the leading global manufacturer of prefabricated roofing. We’re an accredited dealer and ensure that our team regularly attends training sessions with the manufacturer.

    Duro-Last provides full warranty support for its clients and adheres to the highest quality standards. In addition, the company offers sheets of metal roofing that are quick to install and highly durable.

    Astec Re-Ply Cool Roof Systems

    In cases where the roof is still serviceable but needs a little assistance, Astec Re-Ply might be the correct choice. The proprietary system is seamless, watertight, and reflects heat and light away from the building.

    The installation is quick, cost-effective, and doesn’t interfere with your business’s working conditions. As a result, you may conduct business as usual while we work and not have to worry about disposing of the old roof.

    Astec Re-Ply works on old and new buildings and comes with a ten-year, renewable warranty.

    Astec Exterior Wall Coating

    Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing is more than local roofing contractors. We also offer the Astec treatment to exterior walls. The paint refreshes the look of the building, reflects heat, and won’t crack for at least ten years.

    The Astec Re-Ply system works in conjunction with the paint on the wall’s exterior to improve energy efficiency. Along with the solar fans, tubing, and other energy-saving devices, this results in savings of up to 30% in energy costs.

    Over 5 Million Square Feet of Roofing Laid in 20 Years

    Why choose us? 

    At Reflective Coatings Commercial Roofing, you are our number one priority. Call (260) 414-1245 today to speak to one of our commercial roofing contractors about installing, refreshing, or replacing your building’s roof.

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